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Brew Ducks

Brew Ducks

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Brew Ducks: Tire Valve Caps with an Attitude

Please note: sold in pairs- buy two if its for a car!

Get ready to roll with style and swagger! Brew Ducks are here to revolutionize your ride. These aren't just any tire valve caps; they're a bold statement on wheels. 3D printed with a metallic edge and shaped like rad rubber duckies, these little rebels are all about turning heads and cranking up the cool on your ride.

Killer Features:

  • Metallic 3D Printed Badassery: With a sleek metallic finish, these ducks aren't just tough, they're street-smart and shine under the sun.
  • Fits Like a Dream: Universal design? Check. Whether you're tearing it up on a bike, motorcycle, or car, these ducks screw on effortlessly on any standard Schrader Valve
  • Tough as Nails: Rain, mud, or shine, Brew Ducks laugh in the face of the elements. Durable and weather-resistant, they're ready for whatever adventure throws at them.
  • Twist 'em On, Ride On: Installation's a breeze. Just twist them onto your valves and boom – you're ready to roll.
  • Style and Protection: These ducks do double duty – keeping grime out of your valves and upping your style game big time.

Brew Ducks are more than just accessories; they're a lifestyle. For riders who believe even the smallest details should scream ‘epic’, these ducks are your new ride-or-die. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of Brew Ducks and let the good times roll!

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